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Ralph's Jazz Fusion Quartet Expedition has been around the Detroit area since 1981To hear the 7:14 Expedition Sampler video click  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqPgK8A_U_A  or Google, Expedition Video sampler .  Expedition consists of Ralph on saxes, flutes, percussion and vocals, Chip Kipps-guitar & vocals, Don Turner-bass and Enrique "Kito" Pardo-drums. Our song list varies depending on where we are playing. The name Expedition was given because for different engagements we take voyages into different musical realms. 

. Expedition played throughout the 80’s and 90’s regularly at many of the downtown Detroit locations, like the Trappers Alley Terraces, The Old Detroit Bar, Galligans rooftop and the Elwood. Expedition has been at the Village Club Patio on Fridays since 2015. Also for other special occasions like New Years Eve. Summer of 2021 we played at The Corktown Sounds series on Michigan Ave,

Ralph Koziarski has been voted “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” in the Metro Times.

 We can also do more Rock, Funk, R&B and original sets for dancing. Below is an example of 7 songs edited together.

 1. Razul's New Bar - original 2.Superstrutt - Deodato 3. Take Me to the River- Al Green 4. God Bless the Child - Billi Holiday 5. It Happens - original 6. Looks Bad Feels Good - Steve Smith 7. Footprints - Wayne Shorter

Expedition Live Edited  02 Track 02.m4a   23:34 minutes

Below is a photo of the band and our song list from Village Club.

Below that is a list of more of our vocals and uptempo tunes for dancing. 

Expedition at Village Club

Set 1 

Night & Day

Girl from Ipanema

There’ll Never be Another You

Serenade to a Cukoo

All Blues

God Bless the Child


Mercy Mercy Mercy

What’s Goin On

Set 2


All of Me

My Favorite Things

Song for My Father

Take 5

Stolen Moments



Have a Little Faith in Me

Mr. Magic

Set 3



Blue Bossa

Watermelon Man


Comin’ Home Baby

Raided the House




It Happens, Fever, St. Thomas

Memphis Underground, 

Maiden Voyage, Despicito,

Yellow Moon, Hard Work,

Autumn Leaves, Misty, Satin Doll,

Into the Mystic, Superstrutt,

Up from the Skies, Red Baron, 

It Don’t Mean a Thing,

Red Clay, So What,

When I Fall In Love, 

As Time Goes Bye,

Looks Bad Feels Good, 

Walk Spirit Talk Spirit,

Can’t Buy Me Love

EXPEDITION Vocals & Uptempo
Can't Get Next To You
Feeling Alright
Green Onions
Green River
Have a Little Faith In Me
I Feel Good

Knock On Wood
Love and Happiness
Mustang Sally
Peter Gunn
Raided The House
Razul's New Bar
Stir It Up

Straight No Chaser
Take Me To The River
Wild Night
What's Going On
Up From the Skies

The following are from my Solo project entitled On My Own. It is a collection of Jazz standards and and some originals. The following selections are representative of songs that I perform solo at clubs and private parties with pre recorded backup tracks.

Mr. Magic
Blue Bossa

Ralph Koziarski  Solo Song List


 All of Me

Aloha Hoy

Autumn Leaves                                         

Blue Bossa                                               



Call to the Higher Consciousness             

Child in Us                                               

Comin Home Baby                                         



Esperanza – Sade                                      


Girl from Ipanema

God Bless the Child

Green Onions

Happy Birthday

Hawiian Drums

Hello Dolly 

Hit the Road Jack                                                                                                                                                                   

Honkey Tonk


Impossible Dream

Isn’t She Lovely

Journey In

Kansas City

Memphis Underground

Mercy Mercy




Mr. Magic

My Favorite Things

My Funny Valentine

Night and Day

On My Own

Pachabells Canon

Paradise – Sade

Power Blues

Saint Thomas

Satin Doll

Sunrise Sunset



Surrey with a Fringe

There’ll Never Be Another You

When I Fall In Love




Crusin Detroit               

Donkey Cart                  



In and/or Out

In Search of An Oasis

It Happens


Victory For Peace                  

Yeah !                  

You Can’t Dance Here

Henry & Ralph at The Maple Theatre Kitchen & Lounge

Ralph at the Old Miami. Photo courtesy of Sharon Newton
Places Ralph's Playing
Expedition will be playing Saturday February 4th, 3:30-4:30 pm, as part of the Corktown Sounds strolling music series benefit at McShane's Pub 1460 Michigan Ave. at Trumbull Detroit. Followed by The Shawn Blackman Trio and 4 more bands.  

The Luddites will be performing Saturday February 18 at 1:15 - 2 pm at the Royal Oak Winter Blast on the Soaring Eagle stage.
The Luddites will play again February 18 at 9 pm at The Lager House 1254 Michigan Ave. Detroit.
The Luddites will be playing Friday March 24th at Bowlero 4209 Coolidge Royal Oak 9 pm.
For more info abourt the Luddites go to www.theluddites.org 

I hope that you will give a listen to my solo CD -- In Search of an Oasis. It is available for auditioning and purchasing on most streaming sites or E-mail me at ralphkozi@comcast.net. for a hard copy.
"The awesome CD produced by Ralph Koziarski," said Lyn Watson, President of The International Myomassethic Federation.

In Search of an Oasis
Victory for Peace
sample - Donkey Cart
sample - Sun On Icicle
sample - Vernal Rainforest

To the left is the cover of In Search of an Oasis. In the photo is my collection of domestic and exotic woodwinds, along with other instruments, that I feature on the CD.

In Search of an Oasis is all original instrumental music written with the intent of being a relaxing background groove. Appropriate for massage, meditation, relaxation, for mornings, evenings or anytime you want a mellow world beat groove. It's your soundtrack for imaginary movies. 

Ralph has been a professional woodwind musician since 1975 performing with numerous jazz, rock and blues groups. In 1985 he was voted "Talent Deserving Wider Recognition" by The Metro Times Music Awards. He has also been a licensed and certified massage therapist since 1982, being voted '"The Best of Detroit" four times by The Metro Times. This CD is his third solo project combining both of his occupations. While his first two CDs, FLUTE SOLOS and FLUTES BELLS & SYNTH. were more ambient in nature,  IN SEARCH OF AN OASIS has more of a groove, influenced by his work with Muruga and the Global Village Band. Muruga is a world-renowned drummer-percussionist having played with such greats as Weathereport, Dave Brubeck, Merl Saunders and the Rainforest Band with Jerry Garcia, The Funkadelics and at Woodstock with Tim Harding among others. Steven Bookvich, aka Muruga, is a special guest on this CD performing on the cut Vernal Rainforest. This cut is an environmental, atmospheric groove, alternating between measures of 5 and 7. Other fine musicians on this CD are Craig Michales Hernandez on guitar and John Sase on bass and synthesizer. John also engineered and helped produce this CD.

On this CD, Ralph composed and performed on all of the tracks using a Korg O1W/FD for the bed tracks, bass, and some percussion. Then he overdubbed hand percussion and all of the woodwind tracks.  Listen and enjoy. Blessngs!

Ralph Koziarski

Originally published by C & G Newspapers December 14  2005  in The Birmingham/ Bloomfield Eagle and Gazette. Also December  21  2005 in The West Bloomfield Beacon.


Hands-on approach

West Bloomfield musician, massage therapist credits gifted hands for success

By Jessica Schrader

C & G Staff Writer

     Ralph Koziarski, of West Bloomfield, was born with natural rhythm.

     He was the type of kid who could never stop tapping his pencil on his desk at school, and he knew he wanted to go into music from his early days. Now an acclaimed jazz artist and a certified massage therapist, Koziarski, said he owes it all to his hands.

     “My hands work for me,” said Koziarski, who is known for his hand percussion and woodwind skills, one-man-band style of jazz music, and his deep, therapeutic massages.

     Koziarski has been a professional woodwind musician since 1975 and has released three CDs. He has practiced massage therapy since 1982 and was voted “Best of Detroit” for massage therapy four times in the Metro Times and also named “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” for his music.

     When Koziarski was 8, he asked his parents the dreaded question of whether he could play the drums.

     “They said, ‘Well, you know, the drums are kind of loud and kind of big,’” he laughed. “We had a small house on the east side. My parents said, “’We don’t know that drums would be good; go talk to the band teacher.’”

     The school band teacher advised Koziarski that the band needed more clarinets. Though he wasn’t “all that inspired” by the clarinet, he did realize he had a natural ability for music and he continued to play various instruments through school and while attending college at Wayne State University.

     “I realized I wanted to play popular music, like rock and jazz and stuff like that, [and] they weren’t really teaching that at Wayne State then,” Koziarski said.

     He eventually left school, got married and soon began practicing his two passions — music and massage — professionally.

     For his latest CD, “In Search of an Oasis,” Koziarski – now single – took a different approach than with his first two records, which were more “ambient in nature.”

     This record is great for use as background music, during a massage, he said, “just by the nature that it is mellow.”

     “Different music creates different moods and feels … This is more just relaxing. A number of people say that they find it to be nice in the morning,” he said.

     Ultimately, Koziarski said, “I guess we’re all in search of an oasis.”

     Donna Terek, of Detroit, is one of Koziarski’s massage clients and has known him for about 15 years. She said she listens to the CD during her massages.

     “It’s extremely mellow and relaxing and puts you in a sort of meditative space,” Terek said. A photographer, Terek said she has had shoulder pain from frequently carrying heavy camera bags, and Koziarski was the only person who could correctly identity and treat her problem.

     “He is the most fabulous massage therapist,” said Terek. She and her husband have also enjoyed seeing him play music many times and in various settings, she said.

     In his spare time, Koziarski enjoys spending time with his daughter, father and friends.

     “I enjoy my time to relax, but then I also like to be active,” he says. “I try not to be stressed out. What’s the point? I gotta practice what I preach, right? I tell people, ‘be relaxed’ — I should be, too.”

     Both music and massage provide Koziarski the opportunity to do what he loves — bring enjoyment to others.

     “It’s like with both of my professions, you’re giving the people pleasure and something that they enjoy. People enjoy hearing music; you’re creating a fun atmosphere, and maybe creating a party in music. And I enjoy doing massage because I see it’s helping people and it’s making them feel better,” he said.

     “They’re getting immediate pleasure, and I’m getting that immediate feedback and having fun doing it … and then I get paid,” he laughed. “I feel blessed in that.”

     Koziarski will perform with The Ghost Band Dec. 17 at the Cass Café and with the Luddites Dec. 23 at the Cadieux Café. For more information on Koziarski, visit his Web site at www.kozimusic.com or e-mail him at RalphKozi@comcast.net.

     You can reach Jessica Schrader at jschrader@candgnews.com